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  • Cover: The Eye Stone - Roberto Tiraboschi

    Roberto Tiraboschi

    The Eye Stone

    2015, pp. 288, £ 8.99
    Region: Italy
    The Name of the Rose meets The Da Vinci Code in this thrilling debut set in medieval Venice
  • Cover: The Distant Marvels - Chantel Acevedo

    Chantel Acevedo

    The Distant Marvels

    2015, pp. 304, £ 8.99
    Region: United States
    The story of a lifetime told in the eye of a hurricane
  • Cover: Viper - Maurizio de Giovanni

    Maurizio de Giovanni


    2015, pp. 352, £ 9.99
    Region: Italy
    Book collection: World Noir
    Commissario Ricciardi, who possesses the dubious gift of being able to see and hear the last seconds in the lives of those who have suffered a violent death, is one of the most fascinating investigators to appear on the international crime fiction stage in years. And in Viper, the lustful and...
  • Cover: The Faces of God - Mallock


    The Faces of God

    2015, pp. 352, £ 7.99
    Region: France
    Book collection: World Noir
    A supernatural and theological thriller, The Faces of God is superior fiction for fans of the TV series True Detective and of novels by writers such as Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child, and Dean Koontz
  • Cover: Billie - Anna Gavalda

    Anna Gavalda


    2015, pp. 176, £ 7.99
    Region: France
    A brilliant evocation of Paris and a moving tale of friendship, Anna Gavalda’s new novel tells the story of two young people, Billie and Franck, who, as the story opens, are trapped in a gorge in the Cevennes Mountains
  • Cover: Fire Flowers - Ben Byrne

    Ben Byrne

    Fire Flowers

    2015, pp. 368, £ 8.99
    Region: Britain
    August, 1945. Japan has been defeated in the Second World War. The country lies in ruin. Satsuko Takara and her teenage brother Hiroshi have lost their parents, and each other, during the firestorm that devastated Tokyo. Hal Lynch, a haunted U.S. reconnaissance photographer, is now a photojournalist...
  • Cover: I Regret Everything - Seth Greenland

    Seth Greenland

    I Regret Everything

    2015, pp. 256, £ 7.99
    Region: United States
    Life is an often-confusing mixture of heartache and hilarity, or so prove Seth Greenland’s appealing characters in this tenderly comedic story of modern love. Imbued with Greenland’s signature wit, I Regret Everything confronts the oceanic uncertainty of what it means to be young and alive...
  • Cover: The Secret Sister - Fotini Tsalikoglou

    Fotini Tsalikoglou

    The Secret Sister

    2015, pp. 128, £ 7.99
    Region: Greece
    The past isn’t over. It isn’t even past. For Jonathan, a third generation Greek American who has never set foot in his ancestral homeland, a journey to crisis ridden contemporary Greece will unleash a century of buried family secrets
  • Cover: In the City of Gold and Silver - Kenizé Mourad

    Kenizé Mourad

    In the City of Gold and Silver

    2014, pp. 400, £ 8.99
    Region: France
    The epic, passionate story of an exceptional woman and a country in turmoil.
  • Cover: My Mother-in-Law Drinks - Diego De Silva

    Diego De Silva

    My Mother-in-Law Drinks

    2014, pp. 368, £ 8.99
    Region: Italy
    The Sequel to De Silva’s 2012 novel I Hadn’t Understood