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Fernand Braudel

Out of Italy

Fernand Braudel

Out of Italy

2019, pp. 368, e-Book
ISBN: 9781787701793
Translated by: Siân Reynolds
Region: France
Book collection: Europa Compass
Paper Paper Paper
£ 10.99
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The book

The Italian Renaissance in Europe and beyond

The city-states of fifteenth-century Italy exerted unprecedented cultural influence on Europe and the Mediterranean and acted as a bulwark against the imperial and bellicose designs of the empires that surrounded them. Acclaimed French historian, Fernand Braudel, brings to life the two extraordinary centuries that span the Renaissance, Mannerism, and Baroque and grippingly portrays the complex interaction between art, science, politics and commerce during Italy’s extraordinary cultural flowering.

Considered one of the great modern historians, Fernand Braudel was a leader of the Annales School. His many books include The Mediterranean, and A History of Civilizations.

The author

Fernand Braudel
Fernand Braudel (1902 – 1985) was a French historian and a leader of the Annales School. Braudel has been considered one of the greatest of the modern historians who have emphasized the role of large-scale socioeconomic factors in the making and writing of history.

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