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  • Cover: Seven Lives and One Great Love - Lena Divani

    Lena Divani

    Seven Lives and One Great Love

    2014, pp. 160, £ 7.99
    Region: Greece
    Sugar recounts his days and nights spent with Miss Sweetie in a novel that fits squarely into the illustrious tradition of feline literature a la T.S. Eliot, Edgar Allan Poe, Baudelaire, Bukowski, and Céline
  • Cover: Dispute Over a Very Italian Piglet - Amara Lakhous

    Amara Lakhous

    Dispute Over a Very Italian Piglet

    2014, pp. 160, £ 7.99
    Region: Algeria
    “Do we have an Italian Camus on our hands? Just possibly... No recent Italian novel so elegantly and directly confronts the ‘new Italy.’”—Carlin Romano, The Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Cover: The Day of the Dead - Maurizio de Giovanni

    Maurizio de Giovanni

    The Day of the Dead

    2014, pp. 320, £ 9.99
    Region: Italy
    Book collection: World Noir
    “Impossible to resist.”— Crimetime UK
  • Cover: The Cemetery of Swallows - Mallock


    The Cemetery of Swallows

    2014, pp. 272, £ 8.99
    Region: France
    Book collection: World Noir
    Manuel Gemoni travels to the other end of the world to kill an old man in the Dominican Republic
  • Cover: Game for Five - Marco Malvaldi

    Marco Malvaldi

    Game for Five

    2014, pp. 144, £ 7.99
    Region: Italy
    Book collection: World Noir
    The first installment in the Bar Lume Series
  • Cover: The Castle of Whispers - Carole Martinez

    Carole Martinez

    The Castle of Whispers

    2014, pp. 192, £ 11.99
    Region: France
    From the author of The Threads of the Heart, The Castle of Whispers is another richly imagined work of fiction from Carole Martinez, one of France's best-loved writers
  • Cover: The Master of Knots - Massimo Carlotto

    Massimo Carlotto

    The Master of Knots

    2014, pp. 144, £ 9.99
    Region: Italy
    Book collection: World Noir
    The "reigning king of Mediterranean Noir" Massimo Carlotto gives his readers a work of hardboiled noir fiction that is darker than ever before
  • Cover: Let Me Tell You a Story - Jorge Bucay

    Jorge Bucay

    Let Me Tell You a Story

    2013, pp. 176, £ 9.99
    Region: Argentina
    Every day, Jorge tells Demián a story. At times they are classic fables, others modern stories, or folk tales, stories that have been revisited and reshaped by the analyst to help his young friend overcome his doubts and find happiness. They are stories that can help every one of us better understand...
  • Cover: Three, Imperfect Number - Patrizia Rinaldi

    Patrizia Rinaldi

    Three, Imperfect Number

    2013, pp. 240, £ 7.99
    Region: Italy
    Allusive, mysterious, rife with double-meanings, saturated with an exotic, almost esoteric musicality, Patrizia Rinaldi has found a radically new way of writing to tell the story of a thrilling new kind of heroine
  • Cover: Minotaur - Benjamin Tammuz

    Benjamin Tammuz


    2013, pp. 192, £ 7.99
    Region: Israel
    Book collection: World Noir
    One man's obsession drives him to take control of another person's life