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New titles (7 Listed volumes)

  • Roberto Tiraboschi

    The Apothecary’s Shop

    2017, pp. 336, £ 12.99
    Region: Italy
    In a medieval Venice undone by devastating famine and excessive, orgiastic Carnival festivities of all kinds, the protagonists of The Apothecary’s Shop chase a dream of rebirth, the eternal fantasy of defeating death.
  • Nicola Lagioia


    2017, pp. 464, £ 13.99
    Region: Italy
    A combination of Gone Girl and Franzen’s Freedom filtered through the fierce Mediterranean vision of Elena Ferrante
  • Santiago Gamboa

    Return to the Dark Valley

    2017, pp. 464, £ 13.99
    Region: Colombia
    Return to the Dark Valley tells the stories of four immigrants united by their need to return to their place of origin and exact vengeance.
  • Chantel Acevedo

    The Living Infinite

    2017, pp. 320, £ 12.99
    Region: United States
    Acevedo’s new novel is an atmospheric and gripping tale of love, adventure, power and the quest to take control of one’s destiny. Bourbon Spain, Revolutionary Cuba, and fin-de-siècle America are vividly rendered and Eulalia’s personal rebellion resonates long after the final page of this captivating...
  • Jean-Claude Izzo


    2013, pp. 256, £ 9.99
    Region: France
    Book collection: World Noir
    “Chourmo... the rowers in a galley. In Marseilles, you weren’t just from one neighborhood, one project. You were chourmo. In the same galley, rowing! Trying to get out. Together.” In this second installment of Izzo’s legendary Marseilles Trilogy ( Total Chaos, Chourmo, Solea) Fabio...
  • Jean-Claude Izzo


    2013, pp. 224, £ 12.99
    Region: France
    Book collection: World Noir
    “Izzo digs deep into what makes men weep.” — Time Out New York The third and final installment in the remarkable Marseilles Trilogy ( Total Chaos, Chourmo), Solea continues Jean-Claude Izzo’s distinctive brand of vibrant crime writing, skillfully evoking a time and place...
  • Jean-Claude Izzo

    Total Chaos

    2013, pp. 256, £ 12.99
    Region: France
    Book collection: World Noir
    “Full of fascinating characters, tersely brought to life in a prose style that is (thanks to Howard Curtis’ shrewd translation) traditionally dark and completely original.” — The Chicago Tribune This first installment in the legendary Marseilles Trilogy sees Fabio Montale turning...
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