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Karin Brynard

Weeping Waters shortlisted for the 2019 CWA Dagger

Karin Brynard's Weeping Waters, translated by Maya Fowler & Isobel Dixon, has been shortlisted for the Crime Writers' Association (CWA) 2019 International Dagger Awards.

Audrey Schulman

Theory of Bastards is the winner of the 2019 Philip k. Dick Award

Audrey Schulman's Theory of Bastards is the winner of the 2019 Philip K. Dick Award! The award is presented annually for distinguished science fiction published in paperback in the United States, and is sponsored by the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society.


Europa Launches Compass, a New Nonfiction Imprint

Europa Editions has launched Europa Compass, a new nonfiction imprint featuring titles on travel, contemporary culture, popular science, history, philosophy, and politics.

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Discover Europa’s titles & authors by continent

Europa Editions is dedicated to bridging cultural divides by introducing fresh international voices into the American and British marketplaces. Explore our diverse catalogue by region and take in what the world has to offer.

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The Neapolitan Novels

  • Elena Ferrante

    My Brilliant Friend

    2012, pp. 336, £ 12.99
    A modern masterpiece from one of Italy’s most acclaimed authors, My Brilliant Friend is a rich, intense, and generous-hearted story about...
  • Elena Ferrante

    The Story of a New Name

    2013, pp. 480, £ 12.99
    The Story of a New Name is a sweeping, generous-hearted, and brilliantly realized masterpiece by one of Italy's most important contemporary...
  • Elena Ferrante

    Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay

    2014, pp. 400, £ 12.99
    In this third Neapolitan novel, Elena and Lila, the two girls whom readers first met in My Brilliant Friend, have become women
  • Elena Ferrante

    The Story of the Lost Child

    2015, pp. 464, £ 12.99
    This fourth and final of Elena Ferrante's renowned Neapolitan Novels follows the concluding chapter in the moving and turbulent friendship of Elena...


Recent reviews

  • The night before two terrorists entered the office of the French satirical publication Charlie Hedbo and killed 12 people, injuring 11 more, contributor Philippe Lançon attended a showing of Twelfth Night. He intended to write a review of the show the next day. He was preparing...
    — LitHub, Sep 13 2019
  • The lives of two brothers take radically different paths in Guven’s thoughtful and sometimes surprisingly witty debut. The brothers, in their 20s and dissatisfied with their lives, are the sons of a Syrian emigre taxi driver in Paris and a French mother who has died by the...
    — Publishers Weekly, Sep 13 2019
  • If you loved the Elena Ferrante trilogy, you won’t want to miss A Girl Returned by Donatella Di Pietrantonio. I loved this story from the point of view of our unnamed heroine as she arrives at her birthparent’s front door, accompanied by the man she had previously thought...
    — Lit Picks, Sep 12 2019
  • Older Brother is the poignant story of a Franco-Syrian family whose father and two sons try to integrate themselves into a society that doesn't offer them many opportunities. The father, an atheist communist who moved from Syria to France for his studies and stayed for love,...
    — The Reading Desk, Sep 12 2019
  • In this compact but substantive volume, Marcolongo (The Heroic Measure), a journalist who worked as a speechwriter for former Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi, persuasively argues for tackling the difficult, complicated, and exhilarating task of learning ancient Greek. For...
    — Publishers Weekly, Sep 11 2019
  • “[A] scintillating showcase.”
    — The Observer, Sep 2 2019
  • “Eisenberg doesn’t need dystopias: she’s perfectly capable of summoning apocalyptic atmospheres by focusing her extraordinary talents on the world right outside the window.”
    — The Guardian, Aug 28 2019

World Noir

  • Karin Brynard

    Weeping Waters

    2019, pp. 512, £ 8.99
    This arresting English-language debut validates Karin Brynard’s reputation as ‘The Afrikaans Stieg Larsson.’ An outstanding thriller.—...
  • Maurizio de Giovanni

    Cold for the Bastards of Pizzofalcone

    2019, pp. 320, £ 13.99
    Cold winds, political hijinks, and murder on the streets of Naples
  • Alex Beer

    The Second Rider

    2018, pp. 336, £ 12.99
    First in historical crime series by “the new star of Austrian crime fiction.”—( Kronen Zeitung)
  • Carlo Bonini, Giancarlo De Cataldo

    The Night of Rome

    2018, pp. 320, £ 12.99
    In the night of Rome, nothing is what it seems
  • Jean-Claude Izzo


    2018, pp. 256, £ 11.99
    Book two in the Marseilles trilogy. His cousin's disappearance drags Montale back onto the mean streets of a violent, crime-infested Marseilles.
  • Maurizio de Giovanni

    Nameless Serenade. Nocturne for Commissario Ricciardi

    2018, pp. 416, £ 12.99
    A long, rainy, deadly Autumn in Naples.