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  • Julie Lekstrom Himes

    Mikhail and Margarita

    2017, pp. 336, £ 9.99
    Region: United States
    A love triangle involving Mikhail Bulgakov, an agent of Stalin’s secret police, and the bewitching Margarita, and its inescapable consequences.
  • Domenico Starnone


    2017, pp. 160, £ 9.99
    Region: Italy
    A novel about marriage, family, and the consequences of one’s actions upon both, translated by Pulitzer-Prize winning author Jhumpa Lahiri
  • Jérôme Ferrari

    The Principle

    2017, pp. 144, £ 7.99
    Region: France
    A young philosopher, fascinated by Heisenberg and his uncertainty principle, grapples with a world scarred by the legacies of war
  • Boualem Sansal

    2084. The End of the World

    2017, pp. 256, £ 9.99
    Region: Algeria
    A tribute to George Orwell’s 1984 and a cry of protest against totalitarianism of all kinds
  • Aura Xilonen

    The Gringo Champion

    2017, pp. 320, £ 9.99
    Region: Mexico
    Million Dollar Baby meets The Brief Life of Oscar Wao
  • Parisa Reza

    The Gardens of Consolation

    2017, pp. 272, £ 9.99
    Region: Iran
    A powerful love story unfolds against the backdrop of a rapidly changing Iran
  • Jean-Claude Izzo


    2016, pp. 256, £ 9.99
    Region: France
    Book collection: World Noir
    Book two in the Marseilles trilogy. His cousin's disappearance drags Montale back onto the mean streets of a violent, crime-infested Marseilles.
  • Jean-Claude Izzo


    2016, pp. 224, £ 9.99
    Region: France
    Book collection: World Noir
    “Izzo digs deep into what makes men weep.” — Time Out New York The third and final installment in the remarkable Marseilles Trilogy ( Total Chaos, Chourmo), Solea continues Jean-Claude Izzo’s distinctive brand of vibrant crime writing, skillfully evoking a time and place...
  • Jean-Claude Izzo

    Total Chaos

    2016, pp. 256, £ 9.99
    Region: France
    This first book in the renowned Marseilles Trilogy introduces readers to Fabio Montale, a disenchanted cop who turns his back on a police force marred by corruption and racism and, in the name of friendship, takes the fight against the mafia into his own hands.
  • Elena Ferrante

    The Beach at Night

    2016, pp. 38, £ 7.99
    Region: Italy
    The Beach at Night is a short, moving, and mysterious tale for future and present readers of Ferrante’s beloved novels.