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Top 9 LGBT+ novels to look out for in 2018

Author: Yas Necati
Newspaper: The Independent
Date: Jul 3 2018

As Kimia sits in a hospital waiting room, anticipating her IVF results, she reflects on the history of her family, from her great grandfather with his 52 wives to her parents, Darius and Sara, who fought back against each corrupt regime of their time in Iran. Tales of her extended tree of relatives are captivatingly brought to life as we explore the family’s interconnectedness, their conflicts and their secrets. At the age of ten, Kimia travelled across the Kurdish border and through Turkey to eventually land in France when her parents flee Iran. Reflecting on her childhood in her homeland, her teen years in Paris and her current life as a DJ and a hopefully soon to be mother, Kimia is easy to fall in love with, and so are her eccentric, hilarious and sometimes terrifying relatives. Making its English language debut, this novel is one not to be missed.