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2018 Queer Lit Preview

Newspaper: Turnaround Blog
Date: Jan 17 2018

I was lucky enough to get an early proof of this (thanks, Daniela!) and I loved it. The story takes place in a Parisian fertility clinic where Kimia is waiting to find out if she is pregnant. During her wait, she thinks back to how she got there, tracing back her ancestors and her own childhood in Iran. A queer punk-rock fan, Kimia is also a master storyteller; we learn about her great grandfather and his 52 wives, and then her own parents, radicals and fierce opponents of Iran’s new regime. The book offers a fascinating look at a different side to Iran, and adds another LGBTQ voice to the growing canon of Middle-Eastern queer lit. I especially enjoyed the parts about Kimia’s coming out and childhood gender-confusion, which is relatable in many ways no matter where the story takes place.