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The Living Infinite

Author: Cortney Ophoff
Newspaper: Booklist
Date: Aug 1 2017

When Amalia becomes wet nurse to Spain’s infant Princess Eulalia, her own newborn son, Tomas, in tow, she does not know the far-reaching ramifications of the position. It is a time of revolution, and though Amalia returns home after her two-year tenure, shortly thereafter the royal family is forced to flee. Eulalia spends the rest of her childhood in the freedom of exile, only learning the constraints of royalty after the Bourbons are returned to the Spanish throne. Struggling against these new fetters, Eulalia seeks release in writing an exposé that would scandalize all of Spain. Then Eulalia is given the opportunity to visit the Americas. With her inflammatory autobiography in hand and the help of her "milk brother" Tomas, she is there as an ambassador to revolutionary Cuba and the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, but her real goal is to find a publisher who will help her change the world. Acevedo (The Distant Marvels, 2015) rounds out the true story of Princess Eulalia with richly imagined details. The resulting historical fiction is a vivid and enthralling tale of love and redemption.