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Ten books you should read in March

Author: Jane Ciabattari
Newspaper: BBC
Date: Mar 1 2017

Novelist Jhumpa Lahiri’s first published translation of an Italian text is the 11th novel from the Strega-award winning Neapolitan writer Starnone. It’s a story of family ties disrupted, and of the echoes of marital distress played out over many decades, into the next generation. Starnone toggles between past and present, giving equal time to the voices of Vanda and her husband Aldo, and adding the perspectives of their son Sandro and daughter Anna. He frames his tale with a mysterious home invasion. Each detail resonates, from the name of the family cat to the idiosyncratic way in which Aldo ties his shoes to his cherished Polaroids. Distinguished by its distinctive characters and clarity of tone, Ties is a gem. (Credit: Europa Editions)