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The Watchlist: August 2016

Author: M. Bartley Seigel and Stephanie Hubble
Newspaper: Words without Borders
Date: Aug 16 2016

Says the publisher: “Out of the struggles and conflicts in the border regions of Northern Italy and Austria comes a family story that embodies the history of nations. Eva, a forty-year-old public relations professional based in northern Italy, receives an unexpected message from the deep south. Vito, a man she knew as a child as a friend of her mother’s, is very ill and would like to see her one last time.”

Says Culture Whisper: “With all of the hype surrounding Elena Ferrante, once neglected contemporary Italian female writers are now more than ever in the literary spotlight. These include Dacia Maraini (The Train to Budapest) and Simona Sparacco (About Time) but in particular Francesca Melandri, a screenwriter whose first debut in English, Eva Sleeps, shines with filmic intensity.”

Says Solo Libri: “There are few Italian novels that so successfully and surprisingly combine broad themes like local and national history, or the relationship between the north and the south, together with the personal dramas linked to family, love, ambition. This is an epic novel!”