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Raphaël Jerusalmy (2 Listed volumes)

  • Cover: The Brotherhood of Book Hunters - Raphaël Jerusalmy

    Raphaël Jerusalmy

    The Brotherhood of Book Hunters

    2014, pp. 272, £ 9.99
    Region: France
    In this riveting tale of plots and counterplots that takes place in Jerusalem, France, and Italy, Raphaël Jerusalmy leaves readers out of breath and with their heads spinning
  • Cover: Saving Mozart - Raphaël Jerusalmy

    Raphaël Jerusalmy

    Saving Mozart

    2013, pp. 120, £ 8.99
    Region: France
    “With its sober, sarcastic tone and feverish rhythm, this concerto of a single voice is undeniably a success.”— L’Express
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