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The Passenger: Mexico

Cover: The Passenger: Mexico - AA.VV.


The Passenger: Mexico

2023, pp. 192, Paperback
ISBN: 9781787704695
Region: Mexico
Book collection: The Passenger
Available as ebook Available as ebook Available as ebook
£ 18.99

The book

Brimming with intricate research and enduring wonder, The Passenger is a love-letter to global travel

“When you hold it your hands, The Passenger takes you back to another time, one when travel literature had a scent, and texture.”
—Paco Nadal, El País

“These books are so rich and engrossing that it is rewarding to read them even when one is stuck at home.”
—The TLS

“[The Passenger] has a strong focus on storytelling, with pages given over to a mix of essays, playlists and sideways glances at subcultures and thorny urban issues.”

“Half-magazine, half-book… think of [The Passenger] as an erudite and literary travel equivalent to National Geographic, with stunning photography and illustration and fascinating writing about place.”
— (Best series of the year – 2021)

“The Passenger readers will find none of the typical travel guide sections on where to eat or what sights to see. Consider the books, rather, more like a literary vacation—the kind you can take without braving a long flight in the time of Covid-19”.
―Publisher's Weekly

The Passenger collects the best new writing, photography, and reportage from around the world. Its aim, to break down barriers and introduce the essence of a place. Packed with essays and investigative journalism; original photography and illustrations; charts, and unusual facts and observations, each volume offers a unique insight into a different culture, and how history has shaped it into what it is today.

Mexico: once synonymous with escape and freedom, better known nowadays for widespread violence, narcotraffic, and migration. Sea, beaches, ancient ruins, tequila: under the patina of mass tourism there's a complex, neurotic country trying to carve out a place for itself in the shadow of its hulky neighbour.

The most populous Hispanic country in the world, 89 indigenous languages are spoken: a contradictory legacy reflected in its political, social, religious (and food!) culture. With a fifth of the population identifying as indigenous, rediscovering and revaluing the country's pre-Columbian roots informs much of public debate. The controversial Mayan train project connecting Mexico's Caribbean resorts with the South's archaeological.

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