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Cover: Alma - Timothée de Fombelle

Timothée de Fombelle


2022, pp. 408, e-Book
ISBN: 9781787704022
Translated by: Holly James
Region: France
Paper Paper Paper
£ 8.99
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The book


“Luminous . . . This uncompromising book sheds light on the violence in American society.”—AcuaLitté

“De Fombelle writes minimally for maximum effect . . . packs a punch.”—The Times

“Mixes the historical and the romantic in a dark whirlwind.”—Public Senat

“Beautiful writing, intricate plotting, and breathless reveals.”—Kirkus Reviews

1786. Alma lives with her family in an African valley, isolated from the rest of the world. Her days are spent exploring their blissful homeland; until her little brother finds the only way out. 

Meanwhile, in Lisbon, the petty thief Joseph Mars manages to get himself on board the Douce Amélie, a slave ship, to look for a fabulous treasure. The ship's captain, Lazare Gardel, is also hunting for treasure, that of the notorious pirate Luc de Lerne. Alma sets out on his trail, when she comes face to face with groups of Ashanti hunters, who capture and enslave everyone they meet. The journey to bring her brother home quickly becomes an intricate mission of self-preservation. 

While everyone is searching for something, Alma and Joseph's lives become intertwined on land and sea. In a whirlwind of adventures between Africa, Europe and the Caribbean, their quests and their destinies lead them irresistibly towards each other.

The author

Timothée de Fombelle
Timothée de Fombelle is a Paris-based playwright, and author of award-winning fiction. His first series, Toby Alone and Toby Alone and the Secrets of the Tree has been published in 27 languages and won numerous awards including France’s prestigious Prix Sorcières and the Marsh Award. Timothée's adventure series, Vango, Book One: Between Sky and Earth was granted an English Pen Award for translation.

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