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Felicity Castagna

No More Boats

Felicity Castagna

No More Boats

2019, pp. 208, Paperback
ISBN: 9781787701588
Region: Australia
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£ 12.99

The book

A man and a nation unravel together

Both a gripping family drama and a timely meditation on borders, the media, and immigration, No More Boats tells a universal story about fitting in and feeling threatened.

Set in Sydney’s working-class western suburbs, No More Boats is a vivid portrait of a family whose unraveling collides with a crisis known as the “Tampa affair,” when over four hundred refugees were left stranded fifteen miles off the Australian coast as debate over their legitimate entry into the country raged. Antonio, a recently unemployed Italian immigrant, awkwardly assumes a starring role in the fracas, and drags into the spotlight his wife Rose, who has a rich back story of her own, and their two children, Nico and Claire, who are both drifting. Manipulated by the media and made vulnerable by his feelings of irrelevance, Antonio commits an act that makes him a lightning rod for the factions at odds over the Tampa affair.

No More Boats is an unbiased, moving, original, and important story about the world we live in, the families we come from, and the raw impulses that we attempt to conceal.

The author

Felicity Castagna
Felicity Castagna was awarded the Prime Minister’s Literary Award in 2014 for her previous novel, The Incredible Here and Now, which was adapted for the stage by the National Theatre of Parramatta. Her collection of short stories, Small Indiscretions, was named an Australian Book Review Book of the Year. Her work has also appeared on national radio and television. No More Boats was a finalist both for the Miles Franklin Literary Award and the Voss Literary Prize. Castagna lives in Sydney.


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