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Canek Sánchez Guevara

Canek Sánchez Guevara

Canek Sánchez Guevara, grandson of Che Guevara, left Cuba for Mexico in 1996. He worked for many of Mexico’s most important newspapers as a columnist and correspondent, and he wrote a regular newspaper column called “Motorcycleless Diaries.” He was a measured and informed critic of the Castro regime. He died in January 2015 at the age of forty.

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  • Canek Sánchez Guevara was Che Guevara’s grandson. Was, because he died in early 2015 from complications after a heart operation – he was only forty, which means he never met his grandfather either, (who was executed in Bolivia in 1967). Sánchez Guevara grew up in...
    — Shiny New Books, Dec 12 2016
  • A short book that has so much to say. I am enamored by books that say so little and end up showing you an entire world of things, ideas and more importantly make you think and a lot more once you are done reading them. “33 Revolutions” by Canek Sánchez Guevara is one such...
    — The Hungry Reader, Nov 21 2016
  • This neat, pocket-sized novel packs a real punch.
    — Best Translated Book Awards, Oct 27 2016
  • “Beyond the window, everything moves [in the storm]: paper trees, toy cars, stick houses, straw dogs. Foam spreads through the streets like a stain…The tide uproots what the wind is unable to demolish. The building withstands the battering. Everyone talks at the same time...
    — Seeing the World Through Books, Oct 24 2016
  • 33 Revolutions by Canek Sánchez Guevara: “The hero of this mordant portrayal of life in contemporary Cuba is a black Cuban whose parents were enthusiastic supporters of the Castro Revolution. Every night he suffers from Kafkaesque nightmares in which he is arrested and tried...
    — Fiction Advocate, Oct 21 2016
  • I first became interested in the tumultuous history of the small island of Cuba when I took a Caribbean politics course in college. It fascinated me that an island which is so geographically close to the United States could be so very different in its political system. 33 Revolutions...
    — The Book Binder's Daughter, Oct 20 2016
  • “Guevara?” I hear you ask. YUP. This is Che’s grandson, who left Cuba for Mexico in 1996 and critiqued the Castro regime until his death last year. 33 Revolutions has been compared to Bolano’s 2666 and Hrabal’s Mr. Kafka and Other Tales from the Time of the Cult and...
    — Bookriot, Oct 14 2016
  • In 33 Revolutions, Sánchez Guevara invites the reader to experience the moment of rupture—not just for the unnamed protagonist but the entire island.
    — Cleaver Magazine, Oct 11 2016