The Colombian Mule

“Massimo Carlotto’s raw stories about Italian criminals in unhealthy political climates are about as gritty as they come” – The New York Times

Arias Cuevas sets in motion a chain of bloody events when police catch him trying to carry a shipment of his aunt’s cocaine into Italy. The intended recipient of the coke appears to have been art smuggler Nazareno Corradi.  But Corrradi realizes that he’s been set up and hires “the Alligator” to get him out of this mess.

Cuevas’s aunt, however, is determined to move her operation to Italy come hell or high water, and the Alligator is just one more bothersome detail to be dealt with by any means necessary.

About the Author

Carlotto Massimo is one of the best-known crime writers in Europe. In addition to the many titles in his extremely popular Alligator series, and his stand-alone noir novels, he is also the author of The Fugitive, in which he tells the story of his arrest and trial for a crime he didn't commit.